Pharmaceutical industry

Oxygen generator is specially developed to solve the problem of plateau hypoxia and air-conditioning environment hypoxia. For people who live in high altitude (thin atmosphere and low oxygen content), hypoxia in air-conditioning environment (heavy pollution, low oxygen concentration), high pressure of work and study, busy life and other factors, people need to use oxygen supply to alleviate the symptoms of hypoxia, so as to promote health The purpose of rehabilitation, prevention and health promotion. At the same time, the medical oxygen making molecular sieve used in the oxygen generator has strong adsorption performance to harmful gases (such as SO2, no, etc.), which can purify the air.
The special nitrogen generator for pharmaceutical industry is mainly used in the fields of drug production, storage, packaging and packaging. The pharmaceutical nitrogen equipment (nitrogen purity 99.99%) is a pharmaceutical nitrogen generator developed according to GMP standards based on the experience of nearly 40 years of professional research and development of pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator. Compared with cylinder nitrogen (or liquid nitrogen), the operation cost is low, the nitrogen purity is stable and the operation is simple.

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