VPSA vacuum desorption PSA oxygen plant

Oxygen is an important industrial gas, which is widely used in iron and steel, nonferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, furnace energy saving, environmental protection (sewage treatment, waste incineration, etc.), glass, paper, medical and other industries. Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) / vacuum pressure swing adsorption (vppsa) air separation has become a new low-cost oxygen production technology and has been widely used
Working principle of oxygen generation:
In this unit, two tower atmospheric pressure adsorption vacuum desorption process (VPSA) is adopted. Molecular sieve is used to adsorb nitrogen from the air, and oxygen is separated and extracted to produce 90-95% oxygen. At the same time of producing rich oxygen, it will also output analytical gas containing nitrogen and other impurity gases, which is usually discharged into the atmosphere.
Technical index:
Oxygen flow: 1 ~ 5000nm3 / h
Oxygen purity: 80% - 93%

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